Anastasia's Art Classes

I was referred to Anastasia by another client. She runs a local art school for kids and adults.

Anastasia had a WordPress site that needed to be revamped. She wanted to do online class bookings, and several other features. Her old site was too outdated to make it worthwhile to revamp. We ended up building a whole new site on Ruby on Rails.

The new site is great. It has some neat design features and a comprehensive class booking system. Most schools/studios, etc use off the shelf software. I wrote a custom system for Anastasia that is fine tuned to her school's needs. No headaches there.

We are soon going to add online art classes and a live video instruction too.

We are providing Google Ads for Anastasia to boost enrollment in her classes. So far things are going great! There is a CSS video on the landing page, you can't see it in the images here.

Technology used on this site
Ruby on Rails, Stripe payments, , CSS video, HTML, CSS, jQuery, hand written code