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WordPress, the Instant Abs of the Internet
April 5, 2019

Ah, WordPress. When it comes to building a website the open-source platform often gets mentioned. The allure of an easy and cheap website is appealing, isn't it? You'd think modern society would know better, but with the prevalence of "instant abs" gimmicks and various instant fixes out there it's obvious that people are still a bit slow to learn.»

Real Time Action in Rails on AWS
March 31, 2019

One of the apps that I have been working on needed a way to communicate with users in real time. Ruby on Rails historically doesn't work this way. That's where modern front-end frameworks like React or Angular.js excel.»

How to manually suspend linux
August 14, 2017

For years I have been dual-booting Linux and Windows on my laptop. When I need to switch to Windows I usually cringe. Partly because using Windows feels like being trapped in the trunk of a car. More importantly I have to close all my Linux programs, terminals and start over when I reboot. »

Working with Geospatial Data in MongoDB
April 21, 2017

MongoDB is a NoSQL database that is rapidly gaining popularity. All data is stored in JSON which works awesome on Node.js. MongoDB is capable of geospatial queries when set up properly. »

Linux Tools - Conky
February 1, 2017

Conky is one of my favorite linux tools. It displays information directly on your desktop. The config file is simple to use and highly configurable. Conky has developed a cult following among linux nerds. »

Linux on Windows 10
October 30, 2016

Soon you will be able to use Ubuntu inside Windows 10. That is really cool. I dual boot Windows and Linux right now and I hate having to switch between them. This could be a dream come true. »

Formatting Time in Javascript
July 25, 2016

At some point everyone will have to format dates in a web application. I found some really cool tools for doing that. They are Moment.js and Pikaday.js. »

Deployment of a Node.js project on AWS - Part 2
May 21, 2016

This is continuation of a story about the deployment of a Node.js app that I developed with a partner. This app is deployed on AWS and we used Dokku to deploy the app. Dokku provides containerization via Docker, as well as Git integration and an nginx server. »

Deployment of a Node.js project on AWS
March 11, 2016

Last week my classmate and I finished our final group project for Lighthouse Labs. It's a cool project using Node.js, Mongodb, and Express. We've been calling it the "MEN" stack since we're not using Angular.js. »