Sling Tamer

I was contacted by a guy named Bob from Hope, BC. He told me that he's developing a new product and he needed a website. I told him he'd be in good hands.

Bob has a really innovative product called the "Sling Tamer". It holds rifle slings so that they stay organized in your gun cabinet. A great product deserves a great website.

The site required an integrated order/payment system. I set this up using Ruby on Rails and, as always, a custom CSS design from scratch. The Sling Tamer site has a no BS order system and it works great.

We are providing social media and advertising/marketing for the Sling Tamer. Soon the Sling Tamer will be featured on the Wild Pursuit TV network with some social media influencers in the hunting world promoting the product. Watch out! This product is going to be a big hit.

Technology used on this site
Ruby on Rails, Stripe payments, HTML, CSS, jQuery, hand written code